Aesthetic occlusion renewal

We take pride in a Master's degree in aesthetic dentistry and restorative dentistry obtained by our dentist Vaira Bērziņa-Bērzītes at Manchester University – her new experience and knowledge has significantly changed aesthetic dental care services provided by Pearl Dentistry, and you can see it by yourselves. The trend of return to nature and its values is favoured throughout the world. This includes the field of dentistry as well – minimally invasive approach allows maximum maintenance and respect to what is given to us by nature, to what is natural, at the same time substantiating each step of dental treatment in scientifically justified methods. Dentists of Pearl Dentistry support principle and are professionally trained in methodology to offer you modern solutions for restoration of a beautiful smile.

How does it works? 

First, by means of photographies and cast models we procceede with aesthetic and occlusal analysis. Then we learn your needs and match them with our capabilities. 

Then we can answer your question How will I look like? by demonstrating  your future smile on pictures or even in your mouth. 

Furthermore – If you want to ask your home folks for their opinions, we can provide you with a simulation inserted in your mouth to take it back home and show the results to be.

To see more about simulations of treatment results, please click here.

Teeth can be treated differently. We support dental tissue conservation principles and offer our customers:

  • home bleaching – a scientifically proven as the most harmless and effective teeth whitening method,
  • bonding – slight change of tooth shape using a composite material,
  • tooth coating – full or partial coating with porcelain veneers or composite materials,
  • Six Month Smiles (6MS) – the world's fastest teeth straightening method,
  • clear teeth straightening caps – Invisaline and Nuvola
  • dental implants

Life in the 21st century is intense and stressful, and as such it affects our teeth, too. We know how to properly treat rows of teeth that are worn out, thinned out and deformed. Sometimes it takes 2 to 3 years to achieve results, however our common target is a complete bite, which we can restore aesthetically and with minimum invasion. 

Check out the gallery of our aesthetic works!