A successful implantation is rooted in experience, knowledge and high quality implants. The broad experience of leading experts of Pearl Dentistry is gained in lengthy work and additional training led by world-renowned masters. One of the most competent dentists in the field is our Doctor Tatjana Timofejeva. She has 10 year work experience in dental implantations and is a member of ITI (International Team for Implantology). Our dentists Normunds Gribusts and Jurijs Korsakovs are also highly experienced.

We constantly follow the latest developments in the industry, as well as we have broad knowledge of major achievements in the field of dentistry which we apply in our work. For implantations we use the world's most popular implant system – the Swiss-produced Straumann.

Even if your case turns out to be complicated, Pearl’s dentists will offer an appropriate solution. We can perform any manipulations – from simple implantation to bone augmentation and gum grafting, and we take pride in the high number of successful implants that we have carried out.

We know – every patient feels safer if he or she knows what will happen in the upcoming manipulation, thus we perform insertion of an implant in line with a carefully designed protocol, which we are glad to share with you, too. 

It is important for us to know whether your body will accept the implant, and therefore, following Pearl’s protocol, we will assess your body's recovery abilities, examine both the blood count and your overall health status and make the necessary adjustments.

A tranquillizer will be offered to you before the surgery to subside any anxiety or fear.  You’ll also be comforted by the friendly atmosphere of Pearl Dentistry.

In Pearl Dentistry we use science-supported innovative technologies. For example, a tooth to be substituted by an implant will be removed using a very careful method – Physics Forceps which preserves bone as much as possible. To avoid flattening of the bone during healing, growth factors and a cell-containing concentrate necessary for heeling will be placed in the wound. An implant will be immediately placed in the extraction site – this helps to keep the natural bone volume ensuring the implant’s long-term stability and aesthetics. Growth factors and fibrin-containing concentrate in Pearl Dentistry is also used in periodontal treatment.

We carefully design positioning of an implant via a three-dimensional X-ray image – no implant can be placed without it.

We will take care of you also after any surgical manipulation – if you properly follow our instructions, use cold compresses and carefully chosen medications, you will easily live through the post-operative period.