Pearl as a team

Perhaps you, as a patient imagine your ideal dentist as follows: he or she is great at fillings, can easily extract difficult teeth, treat periodontal disease, and, of course, perform implantations of different degrees of complicacy. Furthermore, your dentist is a master in dental aesthetics, a great personality and is willing to provide dental treatment to your children. In a word – he or she is all in one or a dentist-orchestra.

Initially, Pearl Dentistry, like most dental clinics in Latvia, was created as a private practice of individual dentists. However, after years of intensive training and expanding both in terms of room-space and the number of specialists, it became clear that it is easier to work together and to achieve better results as a team. We realized that provision of any service at the highest level requires extensive knowledge: regular familiarisation with scientific literature, attendance of international conferences and workshops, as well as improvement of specific skills in daily work.

In the section dedicated to our specialists, you will see areas our dentists cover. We improve our knowledge in particular areas, and every week we come together at "Pearl Dentistry Club" to share newest information, develop cooperation protocols and together raise our expertise by watching online lectures and seminars.

And we are pleased to learn that the Club has become an awaited and pleasant event where we can feel a real team spirit.

Currently, Pearl Dentistry offers: 

  • a high level treatment of root canals, performed at 6.8 times microscope magnification,
  • periodontal and surgical treatment,
  • our knowledge and skills in treatment of occlussion,
  • minimally invasive dental philosophy, what we consider as a cornerstone of our brand,  
  • modern orthodontic treatment which is a trump card of Pearl Dentistry Latvia-wise,
  • all-oral renewal and dental aesthetics, which in Pearl Dentistry is carried out superbly.